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Since the foundation in 1996 SILUET Co., Ltd. has become one of the leading manufacturers of flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs, “Big Bags”) with a full production cycle all the way from polypropylene pallets to flexible containers.

Constant growth of industrial capacities, implementation of high technologies, widening of the products range and quality improvement have made it possible for us to become a successful ever-widening company.

We look forward to consolidation our business relations with partners and assure that all the orders will have our intermediate attention.

We are always at your service!

Vyacheslav Rusalovich
Chief Executive Officer

About Us
Polypropylene tape yarns Печать E-mail
button_nit_1.pngWe manufacture the following types of polypropylene tape yarns:
  • flat (linear mass 800 D to 1800 D);
  • folded, with high specific strength (linear mass 1350 D to 1700 D);
  • fibrillated (linear mass 1200 D to 5000 D).

Polypropylene tape yarns are manufactures on up-to-date equipment by means of extrusion. Due to advanced technologies and modified components we achieved optimal physical-mechanical properties. Yarns are available of any color and with a possibility of light stabilization.